Fundraising for the New Building

Our current building is approximately 33 years old and is of a prefabricated construction. We feel it has a life expectancy of approximately 5 years. Although the building is in a good state of repair, it is felt that it no longer meets the demanding needs of the changing environment.

We are therefore fund-raising to provide a new, bigger and more eco friendly building.

This new building would enable us to offer an enhanced extended service:

Children’s Learning Environment and Extended Services: We would like a separate room for 2 year olds with provision for a changing area. A larger building would mean that we could be registered for more children, this would reduce our waiting list allowing children to start when their parents wish, as well as accommodating the extra 2 year olds as indicated in a recent government initiative.

Office Space: Our current building has a small office which is not suitable for confidential meetings with parents or other professionals. We would like to have a separate 'meeting' room for parents and other professionals which could also be used by staff for planning and completing their key worker paperwork.

Disabled access and facilities: We have had disabled children in the past but we have no specific facilities and access is limited since our main entrance is accessed via steps. A purpose built building would considerably broaden our ability to take disabled children and employ disabled staff.